Cracked Masonry Guide

Cracks on a brick retaining wall, your home’s siding, or on the chimney can be alarming. Fortunately, the problem can usually be repaired with the help of a good mason. Concerns For many homeowners, the first concern with cracks is appearance. Cracks running through the mortar or affecting a brick can be very unsightly. Further, once cracks begin, more damage usually follows. The mortar will begin failing all along the crack line, and crumbling mortar is not an attractive look.

5 Ways To Protect Your Landscape During A Home Renovation

Are you planning a large-scale remodel project on your home? While the end result is going to be a great, nearly new home, the actual process of renovation can be difficult on your home life. One area that many homeowners may overlook is the damage that can be wreaked on the surrounding landscape. How can you protect your landscaping? Here are five key tips. 1. Boost Your Landscape. In the weeks before the actual remodel starts, use the time to prepare your lawn and plants.

Set Aside Enough Time When Scheduling Tree Removal

Having any trees removed from your property can be a great way to add more natural lighting to your yard, as well as prevent a situation where your trees become overgrown. If you’re just beginning to plan for having the trees removed from your property, you’ll need to understand how much time it can take and what you can expect for the project before it begins. Get Your Yard Prepared