Winter Backyard Wedding? 5 Ways To Prepare Your Yard Now

Are you planning a wintertime backyard wedding? You can still have a perfect day while saving money and taking a more low-key approach to your big day — even if it happens outside in the cold winter months. Here are a few keys to preparing your backyard to serve as a host. 1. Hire a Landscaper. If you’re already planning the wedding ceremony and reception, the last thing you need is to have to work hard at preparing the actual yard too.

Find The Right Balance Of Landscaping And Hardscaping

Your property should have a good balance between hardscaping and landscaping to allow people to walk around without damaging greenery and without adding to mobility or access issues. The ratio you have and the designs you use really depend on your specific needs, but whatever you are planning for your new garden should try to have just enough of both concrete and plants to allow everyone to enjoy the space.

3 Things To Know About Having An ALTA Land Survey When Buying Vacant Land

You might have found the perfect plot of vacant land to build your home on, or you might be thinking about investing in vacant land so that you can make money off of it later. You might have heard from others that having an ALTA land survey is a good idea when you’re buying vacant land, but you could want to know a little more about these surveys and how they pertain to you and your land purchase.