4 Tips for Landscaping to Attract Songbirds

Do you enjoy the sound of bird warbling nearby, or are you a bird watching enthusiast? If so, chances are you want your yard to attract more of these feathered friends. Attracting songbirds all depends upon having a bird-friendly design, which the following tips can help you create. Tip #1: Provide a Local Watering Hole Like all animals, water is one of the main things birds seek out for survival. Providing a comfortable place for songbirds to bathe and drink will make your landscape more desirable.

Trimming Before Trimming: Tips That Shorten The Time Needed To Decorate Your Tree For The Holidays

If you buy a real tree this holiday season, and it is the first time you have ever had a “live” tree for Christmas, there are a few things you need to do before you festively deck out your tree. If you do not trim (cut back) your tree before you trim (decorate) your tree, you may encounter several issues with your tree, including the longevity of it as an indoor decoration.

Features You Should Add When Upgrading Your Outdoor Sprinkler System

When you are currently relying on an older manual sprinkler system and you want to upgrade it, you should consider a few additional features. These features give you the ability to maximize the efficiency of your sprinkler system, while reducing the amount of water you use throughout the year. Automated Panel The first feature to consider is an automated panel. This panel allows you to control each aspect of watering your lawn, so that you minimize your water usage.

Some Practical Reasons To Remove Healthy Trees, And How Not To Feel Bad About It

It can be hard to make the decision to cut down a healthy tree, especially when it’s not threatening your property. But even if you are a devoted champion of trees, there are times when a tree interferes with your quality of life more than it helps it, and getting rid of it is the best solution. Here are some legitimate reasons you might want to remove a tree and how to feel better about it when you do.

What Is Multi-Level Gardening?

Multi-level gardening can be done on any type of landscape, but it works best on an already sloped landscape. It is a great way to utilize a landscape that may be difficult to traverse or to garden on. It also gives a cleaner look for your landscape. Here is how you can achieve a multi-level garden. Terrain That is Already Sloped To landscape for terrain that is already sloped, keep in mind that you don’t want to make too many big changes at once because this will weaken the structure of the terrain and could cause erosion issues.

Four Landscaping Tips To Prevent Storm Damage In Tropical Climates

Living in a tropical climate can be a great way to feel like you are on vacation every day, but it also comes with some unique challenges regarding the weather. Tropical storms can be a frequent occurrence, leading to damage to your property if you do not take the weather into consideration when landscaping. In order for your home, fencing, and yard to be less at risk of damage during a storm, consider the following tips when landscaping.

How to Build Small Retaining Walls

Building small retaining walls in your yard can add a lot of form and function to your landscape. A small retaining wall is ideal for creating an area to plant flowerbeds, segregating certain plants and soil types, marking off pathways, and protecting sprinkler systems. When building these walls, you can use special retaining wall blocks that are designed especially for small walls. The best part of these blocks is the fact that they do not need any mortar—you can create a solid, small wall using just them.

Is Your Beautiful Landscape Now Brown Because Of Drought? Paint It With These Easy Steps

If you are like most homeowners, you really enjoy the design of your landscape and the green lush lawn that you get to come home to daily. However, if your area has been in a drought situation for the past few weeks or a couple of months, your nice green lawn may suddenly look brown or yellow. If there is no rain in the forecast, you can take steps like the professional landscapers at golf courses and paint your lawn with these easy steps.

Sprinkler Systems for Slopes

If you live on a hillside or have land that is sloped, you are probably aware how challenging it can be to keep your yard watered. Those in the market for a sprinkler system for their sloped land must keep some factors in mind. Watering Precautions Overwatering plants is never good. If sprinklers stay on too long, too much water can damage even flat yards. Lawns, trees, bushes, flowers, and structures are at risk if there should be a flood of water from neglect or a water line breakage.

Creative Ways to Landscape with Weed Control as Your Main Priority

Keeping your yard in the best shape can be a challenge if you live in a climate where weeds grow rampant due to the warmer weather or increased moisture from frequent precipitation. If you’re concerned with how to control the weeds while designing your backyard with the help of a landscaping  contractor, or alone, you’ll need to look into the best options. Rather than rely on harsh herbicides that can harm wildlife and your existing vegetation, take the time to consider the following.

Four Reasons To Have Your Tree Stump Removed

Leaving a tree stump in your yard can be a bad idea; it’s usually best to remove it as soon as possible. Often people will cut down a small tree but not remove the stump because it seems too big of a job, or sometimes a worker is hired to cut down a tree, but is not instructed to remove the stump along with it. Whatever the case, you may want to consider having your tree stump removed.

Four Tips To Help You Add Natural Filtration For Swimming And Irrigation Ponds

If you want to have a natural recreation area for your home, a pond can be great solution. It can also be a great way to provide irrigation for landscaping, gardens and fields if you have a large property. Ponds also need care and filtration to keep them clean and healthy. Here are some tips to help you give your pond natural filtration and a healthy balance for the water:

3 Things To Do With The Timber After Tree Removal Is Done

If you have large and dangerous trees around your home, you may need to have them cut down. Tree services will sometimes remove the materials that are left behind, but this can also cost you more to have done. Keeping the timber can save you money and give you materials that you can use for different things around your home.  If it is good wood, you can just use it for firewood, or you can cut it into lumber, chip limbs for landscape covering and for compost.

The Three Basic Kinds Of Rakes, And How To Use Them

While there are many different shapes and colors of rakes on the market, they all really fall into three main varieties. Each of these basic rake varieties has its own purpose, and knowing how to use them properly can help you get your yard into tip-top shape. Garden Rakes This kind of rake has a sturdy, one-piece metal head with tines that are even in length. Usually, the tines are set at a 90-degree angle to the handle of the rake, though sometimes they are curved slightly inward.

Tips To Make Your Concrete Paver Patio Unique

Let’s face it, concrete patio pavers may come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but they aren’t especially unique. If you are looking for something to jazz up your boring paver patio or just want to add a few personal touches, your installer will gladly work with you to incorporate a design or handmade pavers that make your patio your own. Using DIY Pavers First, you need determine what kind of personal pavers you want to include in your design.

The Dangers To Trying To Trim Or Remove Trees On Your Own

If you have trees in your yard that you want to get rid of, you might think this is a DIY project that you can tackle on your own. Tree trimming and disposal might not be a simple as you think. If you don’t know what the risks are, you might put yourself and your family in danger. Here are three reasons calling in a professional when it comes to tree trimming and removal is a good idea.

4 Ways To Get Your Children Involved With Landscaping This Spring

If you’re interested in a new way to get your children to spend more time outdoors with the weather warming up, there’s no better way than getting them involved with landscaping your yard. Getting your children involved in home improvement projects can help them feel valued and help their creativity grow. In order for you to begin landscaping projects together that are safe for them, consider the following ideas. Assign Landscaping Chores for Extra Allowance

Hilly Yard? These Three Trees Grow Well On Sloped Land

Is your whole yard essentially a hill? When choosing trees to plant, you need to take this into account. Some trees grow better on hills that others – they have stronger root systems that anchor them into the sloped soil and allow them to grow up straight and tall anyways. Here’s a look at a few of those slope-tolerant tree varieties you should consider planting. Mesquite Mesquite trees are known for their ability to withstand harsh conditions.

How Can Pressure Washing Services Help You Get Your Rental Home Ready?

Cleaning up your rental home can be a big job, especially if you need to remove years of grime and stains from the vinyl siding on the house. You can hire a cleanup crew, or you can have your house pressure washed to speed up the job. Pressure washing is one of the best methods for cleaning vinyl siding. Unlike wood, vinyl siding doesn’t decay or fill up with insects once it’s wet.

Natural Solutions For Termite Control

Finding signs of termites in your home, such as wood that looks to be deteriorating and channels near your foundation, can often feel like a disaster. However, there are many ways to get rid of them for good. If you don’t want to use chemicals, there are a variety of natural ways to kill the termites and keep them from returning. Borax One of the most common natural products used to control termite infestation is Borax.

Protecting Outdoor Concrete And Masonry Features From Premature Weathering

Water eventually brings down even mountains and turns them into gorges, so it should be obvious that it will also weather the hardscapes in your yard. Concrete and cement patios and walkways can suffer cracking from frost heave, which occurs when water in the ground freezes and thaws, causing the concrete to lift and possible crack. Pooling water can also lead to cracks, or just wear on concrete, brick, or paver features.

How A Sprinkler System Can Benefit Your Yard And Garden

One of the biggest joys of warm weather approaching is that you’ll be able to enjoy the green grass in the yard and all of your plants and flowers in their glorious splendor. In order to maintain a gorgeous yard, you must take care of it. This often requires diligent care when it comes to feeding and watering. If you are unable to water your yard and plants, it will begin to show. Getting just the right amount of water is important for an optimal landscape.

2 Methods For Controlling Soil Erosion After A Wildfire

Plant life is what stabilizes the soil and helps it to absorb moisture after rainfall. When plants and trees are destroyed by wildfire, this can cause rainfall to run off of the soil, contributing to, and accelerating the effects of, erosion. In order to prevent erosion from destroying the local soil and washing away nutrients, preventative measures must be taken. These tips will help you control soil erosion on your property after a wildfire.

Willow Scab Gives Your Willows A Reason To Weep

Weeping willows are known for their beautiful tendrils which hang and blow in the breeze. Typically found in swampy areas and along the banks of ponds, willows add character to many yards. If you have a willow on your property, it’s important to keep an eye on it for signs of illness. A disease known as willow scab is quite serious, and could easily leave you weeping over the loss of your beautiful willow if you don’t detect and treat it in a timely manner.

The Red Maple: A Beautiful And Majestic Tree

If you want to add a splash of color to your backyard, planting a red maple tree is a good choice. Red maples start off primarily green in the spring, but their leaves become progressively darker red throughout the summer, turning a deep shade of burgundy by the time fall arrives. This variety of tree is not particularly hard to grow as long as you follow a few specific tips, and it provides several key benefits for your backyard.

Transforming Your Yard Into An Edible Oasis: Landscape Design Ideas For You

When you were a child, you no doubt heard a story or saw a movie in which someone lived in an edible house (perhaps made of gingerbread) or had a workplace in which an entire indoor landscape was made of candy (inside a chocolate factory). You probably wished that you could have a home or workplace just like that one day, but as you grew up, you learned just how impractical this dream could be.

Removing Metals From Your Soil With Hyperaccumulating Plants

A beautifully designed lawn can improve the aesthetics of your home and bring a sense of peace and harmony to your surroundings. However, if you live in an area with high metal concentrations in the soil, you may have difficulty growing plants. It is still possible to have a beautiful landscape by choosing plants that remove metals from the environment. The Source of Metals In Your Soil Some metals, such as arsenic, are always found in trace amounts in the soil and are not harmful at low levels.

Installing Granite Countertops Outdoors? Have A Radiant-Heat Mat Installed

A great thing about having a backyard is the ability to install an outdoor kitchen. If you want your family and guests to sit at a bar while you’re cooking, then having a granite countertop installed is the way to go. However, if you keep food dishes that you set on the counter warm, you’ll need to install a radiant-heat mat under the counter. This guide explains who to call for help and how you can get in on the work by installing the mat yourself.

4 Landscape Design Tips To Make Your Yard Look Bigger

Owning a spacious yard makes it easy to implement all of your landscaping ideas, but what do you do when your total real estate isn’t much larger than a postage stamp? In some ways, a small yard actually has advantages over a bigger one; not only does it force you to come up with a coherent design strategy, but it is also easier to maintain and manage. Follow these four landscaping tips to make your yard look larger than life while still incorporating appealing design elements.

4 Ways To Decrease Water Waste With Your Lawn Sprinklers

Are you concerned that your lawn sprinklers may be wasting water? Not only is that bad for your water bill, but it’s also bad for your lawn and bad for the environment. Before you end up with soggy grass (or huge utility payments), you may want to take action to decrease your overall water waste. 1. Set a Timer for Night Nighttime is always the best time to water your yard, so set the timer to go off at night rather than during the day.

Down In Front: How Planting Instructions Dictate Landscape Design

Even if you are not a landscape architect, you can read planting information and figure out where to plant all of your flowers, trees and shrubs where they will grow best. There is a very technical aspect to landscape design. If you choose to do it on your own, you will need to pay attention to the following information on seed packets and planting stakes. Growth Height From snow drops and crocuses, which reach four to six inches in height, to towering sequoias, you have to arrange your landscape by height.

3 Landscape Design Errors You Will Regret Later

When you buy your first house, you might be excited to get outside, grab a shovel, and start designing your yard. However, the landscaping decisions that you make early on could cause problems if you aren’t careful. Here are three landscape design errors that might cause trouble down the road, and how to avoid issues: 1: Putting Flowerbeds Close To Your House Nothing screams “responsible homeowner” quite like a yard filled with colorful, well-kept flowerbeds.

The Benefits Of Artificial Turf For Parents And Kids

If you are a parent, nothing compares to a having huge backyard of bright green grass for kids to play in. For many parents these days, their backyard is the only safe place for their children to play outside. However, some dangers exist in real grass for children. Bees, fire ants and snakes can all inhabit real grass. If a child happens to be allergic to the venom produced by fire ants, stepping into a fire ant hill could have deadly consequences.