Landscape For Easier Lawn Care

Pretty lawn ornaments and fountains, over flowing flower beds, and soaring trees all work to make your landscape beautiful, but they can also make it harder to care for your grass. The following are a few landscaping tricks that allow you to keep the beauty without sacrificing easy lawn maintenance.

Install Borders

Border edging around non-lawn areas, such as around a garden bed or a lawn ornament like a lamp post, makes it much easier to mow in these edge area. Any type of edging works well for straight borders, but curved and wavy borders can be harder to navigate with a lawnmower. If you prefer the curved border, consider using concrete curbing as edging strips. This curbing can be installed with a flat mowing strip on the lawn side of the curb. This flat strip is wide enough for the lawn mower wheels to roll over, thus enabling you easily follow the curve so that you can mow right up against the edging.

Use Mulch

Mulch prevents grass from growing in an unwanted area, so you won't have to deal with using string trimmers or hand pulling to care for lawn grass in troubling areas. Mulch is best used with edging so that the mulch doesn't migrate into the lawn and make it even harder to mow. In flower beds and around trees, fill in the bare area with wood chips or another organic mulch option, like pine straw. For areas without plants, such as around the base of the lamp post mentioned above, decorative gravel mulch works well and won't need to be replaced. In perennial beds and areas with gravel mulch, lay down weed-blocking fabric before you install the mulch.

Manage Tree Roots

Tree roots can come up in a lawn and make it very difficult to mow. Surrounding a tree with edging and mulching over the area closed to the trunk means you can avoid mowing over the area that tends to have the most surface roots. If you prefer to skip the mulch, you can also plant a living mulch of shade tolerant plants, such as a ground ivy or hostas.  Infrequent but deep watering also helps prevent these surface roots, as opposed to shallow, frequent watering. In some cases, large roots that are causing issues in the lawn and making mowing difficult can be removed, without damaging the tree, by a lawn or tree service.

All of this landscaping can be difficult to do, you might want to consider contacting a service like to help you get your dream lawn.