Winter Backyard Wedding? 5 Ways To Prepare Your Yard Now

Are you planning a wintertime backyard wedding? You can still have a perfect day while saving money and taking a more low-key approach to your big day — even if it happens outside in the cold winter months. Here are a few keys to preparing your backyard to serve as a host.

1. Hire a Landscaper. If you're already planning the wedding ceremony and reception, the last thing you need is to have to work hard at preparing the actual yard too. Add into your wedding budget some funds to hire out some of the preparatory work. This often includes greening up and perfecting the lawns, trimming shrubs and trees, planting some new greenery, and possibly fixing up the hardscaping. 

2. Fix Drainage Issues. Backyard weddings in winter face a risk that most summer weddings don't — unwanted extra moisture. Proper drainage will helps ensure that nothing ruins your enjoyment of the day, no matter what the weather before and during the event. Work with your landscaping contractor to assess the yard's drainage and isolate any trouble spots that can be fixed well before the wedding.

3. Add Color. Winter yards are notoriously uninteresting in the winter. This is normal, as most plants and trees are dormant and the weather is often gray and wet. But for your backyard affair, you'll want to add color and vibrancy. You could opt to plant colorful pops of color in the form of annuals just before the wedding day, keeping them protected until then. Or you may want to ask the landscapers about winter color options, including late- or early-flowering plants and colorful leaves.

4.  Build up Hardscape. You will likely need plenty of hardscapes for an outdoor winter wedding to counteract wet grass and earlier sunsets. If your hardscape doesn't provide plenty of space for people to walk, dance, gather, and sit, consider adding some more. Couples on a budget might simply rent temporary dance floors to lay down strategically. Others might want to add permanent, useful items like walkways, an extended patio, or pea gravel seating areas.

5. Install Protection. If the weather will be chilly or wet, adding overhead and side protection will help keep everyone comfortable. Look for ways to add temporary roofing, even such as sail shades or fabric-covered pergolas. Then, enclose the area with some dwarf trees or oversize shrubs in pots along potentially cold sides or around dining and conversation areas. When combined with outdoor heaters, these barriers will keep more heat inside.

Adjusting your backyard to serve as a setting for your nuptials does often require a little more work than summer weddings. But that extra work will pay off as you create the day of your dreams in a place that is dear to your heart. Start today by consulting with an experienced landscaping service like Luxury Lawns Landscaping.