Three Tips for Cleaning Your Landscape Rocks

Having landscaping rocks in your yard can be a great way to conserve water and to reduce lawn maintenance. However, this doesn't mean that there is no maintenance required. At some point, your landscaping rocks are going to need to be cleaned. Eventually, dirt and debris gather on the rocks. In order to keep them looking fresh and beautiful, you will want to consider these three tips for cleaning them.

Buy a Shifter

Many home hardware stores will have a large shifter for you to purchase that will help you clean your landscaping rocks. Place as many rocks as the shifter will hold into the shifter and rinse water through them. The dirt that gathered over time should fall right through the shifter. You may need to do this a few times, rotating the rocks as you go to ensure that the dirt is completely removed. This should leave your rocks looking shiny and new. Once you are done with one section of the rocks, place them on a large blanket or towel to dry before placing them back in your yard.

Wash Large Rocks by Hand

If you have large rocks that will not fit in a shifter, you should wash them by hand. If a rock is too large for you to move on your own, ask for assistance from a friend or family member. Rotate the large rock as you clean it thoroughly. You may need to rub your hand over it as you rinse it with water in order to remove stubborn dirt. If the dirt is really stubborn, you can even use a sponge to scrub at it, but this should be done with a soft sponge, not an abrasive one that can leave scratches on the surface of the rock.

Remove Weeds from Underneath the Rocks

If there are weeds that were sticking out from the rocks, be sure to remove them before placing the rocks back in place. This will prevent the weeds from spreading and ensure that the look of your landscaping is even. You can even consider installing a weed barrier that will prevent weeds from growing above the rocks. This also kills weeds since they won't be getting the sunlight that is needed for them to continue to grow. 

When you consider these three tips for cleaning your landscape rocks, you can be sure that the rocks will continue to bring appeal to your yard.