Ideas For Outdoor Seating Areas

Creating the perfect outdoor seating area requires careful attention to the trees, plants, and landscaping structures in your yard. You want to be able to enjoy the wildlife and greenery without being annoyed by it. The following tips can help you design a backyard area where you will be comfortable relaxing or entertaining.

Tip #1: Be Aware of Scents

The odor of the plants near your seating area can be a blessing or a curse. Although sweet smelling flowers can be pleasant, they may also attract bees, which can be unpleasant if you don't want stinging insects nearby. Instead, choose strongly fragrant plants, like jasmine or roses, that can be planted several feet away from the seating area yet still be enjoyed from this distance. Keep trees and shrubs pruned so they don't block the view of these flowers growing further out in the yard.  Opt for greenery, such as ferns or hostas, in pots in the seating area since these won't attract bees. If you want flowering trees, like crabapples, place them away from seating areas.

Tip #2: Add Structure

The best outdoor areas have privacy along with structure that adds visual interest. The simplest way to provide both privacy and structure is with a simple lattice wall. You can leave it plain or you can train climbing plants, such as ivy, scarlet runner beans, or climbing roses, up the lattice to give it a more natural look. Another option is to install a pergola or arbor over the seating area. This is also attractive when draped with climbing plants, with roses and grapes being traditional options. A pergola will also lend dappled shade to your seating area. For a fully natural option, opt for well formed trees around the space. A row of cedars provide a windbreak and privacy, although you will need to keep them trimmed to maintain their shape. You can also opt for hedge-forming plants, such as a privet. With regular pruning, these add a formal touch of structure to the space.

Tip #3: Add Some Auditory Delights

Running water is a pleasant and relaxing sound. Consider installing a small pond near the seating area. You can also use a tabletop fountain or a container water garden to bring the joy of running water to the area. Another source of sound is gentle chimes. Wind chimes, made of glass, metal, or even bamboo, can be just what you need to complete the area. Add bird feeders to bring natural birdsong to the space. Contact a landscape or tree care contractor like Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc. for more ideas to jazz up your outdoor seating area.