Trimming Before Trimming: Tips That Shorten The Time Needed To Decorate Your Tree For The Holidays

If you buy a real tree this holiday season, and it is the first time you have ever had a "live" tree for Christmas, there are a few things you need to do before you festively deck out your tree. If you do not trim (cut back) your tree before you trim (decorate) your tree, you may encounter several issues with your tree, including the longevity of it as an indoor decoration.  Here are the tips you need to place your holiday evergreen into its cherished position indoors.

1. Perform a Fresh Cut at the Base

A fresh cut at the base of the tree cuts off the deadened and sealed end of the tree, exposing fresh, moist wood. It is the equivalent to cutting the ends off a bouquet of flowers, opening up the channels through which flowers and trees draw water. It is best to avoid a hacking sort of cut and go for a straight through cut, performed by a chainsaw, so that the bark of the tree at the base remains undamaged. Do not perform this cut until you are ready to bring the tree into the house and place it in its tree stand. 

2. Cut Away Some of the Lowest Branches and Twigs 

Cutting away some of the lowest branches and twigs not only makes it easier to get the tree into the tree stand, but also makes it easier for you to get under the tree and water the base every couple of days. Cut the twigs and branches close to the trunk, but do not cut the trunk itself. The places where you cut off branches may ooze a little sap, but that is normal and will not affect the remaining amount of life in your tree.

3. Place the Tree in the Stand, Secure It, and Trim Away Malformed Branches

Even though owners of Christmas tree lots do what they can to get the best looking trees, there will still be some natural deformities in the branches. Once you place the tree in the tree stand and secure it in its upright position, walk around the tree and check for deformed branches. These may be as minor as part of a branch growing backwards into the tree and as major as entire limbs growing vertically and squashing the branches behind it. Trim (cut) away these malformed limbs and branches, and any dead branches you spot as you go.

Now your tree is ready to decorate! For more tips, contact a company like Treetime Inc.