Features You Should Add When Upgrading Your Outdoor Sprinkler System

When you are currently relying on an older manual sprinkler system and you want to upgrade it, you should consider a few additional features. These features give you the ability to maximize the efficiency of your sprinkler system, while reducing the amount of water you use throughout the year.

Automated Panel

The first feature to consider is an automated panel. This panel allows you to control each aspect of watering your lawn, so that you minimize your water usage.

When watering your lawn, it is essential to give it the right amount of water so that it grows properly. If you overwater the grass, you run the risk of harming it by drowning the roots and causing them to rot underground.

The automated panel helps you prevent this, because you can set up the exact time and duration for the watering. For example, you program the panel to turn on at specific times and days throughout the week. This way if you are not home, the panel can still make sure your grass gets the correct amount of water.

However, when setting the watering schedule, you need to consider the type of grass you have and the amount of rainfall you generally see in your area. To calculate the correct amount of water, it is best to consult a landscaping company. The landscapers understand how much water each grass species requires and they can help you calibrate the amount of water your sprinkler system uses each time.

Moisture Sensor

Another feature to consider is a moisture sensor that determines how wet your soil is at any time. The most effective option is to get a sensor that sends a message to an automated panel. The sensor reads the moisture level of the soil and if it is too wet, the sprinklers will not turn on.

The idea with this type of sensor is to reduce the amount of water your system wastes. Since you want to prevent overwatering, the sensor can tell the panel not to turn on should it rain in between cycles.

Some sensors also have a temperature gauge, so that if the ground is too cold, it will not allow the sprinklers to turn on. For example, if you have a cold snap come through your area, you do not want to water the lawn, because the excess water may freeze and do some additional damage to the root system.

It is a good idea to consult an irrigation company, such as Irrigation Tech, if you plan to use a moisture sensor. The company can recommend the best spot in your yard for the sensor, so the control panel gets reliable readings.

When you want to upgrade your sprinkler system, you need to consider a few features that will make the system more efficient. In many cases, these additional items will help you reduce your water consumption throughout the year.