What Is Multi-Level Gardening?

Multi-level gardening can be done on any type of landscape, but it works best on an already sloped landscape. It is a great way to utilize a landscape that may be difficult to traverse or to garden on. It also gives a cleaner look for your landscape. Here is how you can achieve a multi-level garden.

Terrain That is Already Sloped

To landscape for terrain that is already sloped, keep in mind that you don't want to make too many big changes at once because this will weaken the structure of the terrain and could cause erosion issues. One design that you can do for this type of landscape is to create steps down the slope and plant different types of shrubs and flowers on either side. You could even incorporate a water feature on either side. For the steps, you can go more formal using material such as pavers, or you can use stone or wood borders to give the steps a more natural feel.

Multi-level Decking

For a cleaner look, use multi-level decking among your terrain. Consider adding different features off to the side of the decking for visual appeal such as water features, seating, and accent plants in different containers.

Design Your Landscape Around Natural Features

If you are blessed enough to already have interesting landscape features such as a waterfall, then use multi-level gardening to really play up that feature. Considering designing steps going up to the top of the waterfall, with different seating areas so you can enjoy every aspect of Mother Nature's art.

Multi-level Vegetable Garden

An easy way to make a vegetable garden that is both useful and appealing to the eye, is to make a tiered vegetable garden. It's a great way to separate the different plants and make it easy to walk alongside the plants to harvest them. You can create a stepped area with the plants on either side or a pathway in front of each raised garden. Then, just can grab a basket, go down each step and onto the pathway, while easily walking among your plants harvesting what you need from your garden.

Tiers For a Contemporary Look

You can achieve a clean contemporary look using multi-leveled tiers for your landscaping. Simply partition those levels off and hold them in place with a material such as a concrete retaining wall. Consider placing seating at the bottom of the retaining wall to create seating with a place to rest your back. This will give you a place to relax while also making a visual statement.

No matter what your terrain type, you can always create multi-level gardening for an eye catching landscape to achieve a look that is both useful and beautiful. Talk to a professional landscaper for more help.