Four Landscaping Tips To Prevent Storm Damage In Tropical Climates

Living in a tropical climate can be a great way to feel like you are on vacation every day, but it also comes with some unique challenges regarding the weather. Tropical storms can be a frequent occurrence, leading to damage to your property if you do not take the weather into consideration when landscaping. In order for your home, fencing, and yard to be less at risk of damage during a storm, consider the following tips when landscaping.

Keep Trees Shorter to Avoid Instability

The trees you have on your property can make an enormous difference in the kind of damage your home receives. For examples, taller trees with a lot of lightweight branches can easily lose their branches in heavy winds, causing them to snap off and hit your home. This could be extremely dangerous since they can break the glass, so it is crucial to get the trees trimmed regularly, especially during the rainier season of the year.

Avoid Planting Too Close to Your Home

While it can look nice having trees, shrubs, and other plants right next to your home, this could be more dangerous in the event of a storm. In order for your home to be free of any kind of damage related to the landscaping, make sure to keep any taller plants farther away from the siding and windows.

In fact, planting everything a minimum of twenty feet away can go a long way towards reducing the likeliness that branches hit your home.

Regularly Trim Back Shrubs

Along with keeping trees trimmed, you need to remove any bulk from your other plants. Shrubs can get out of hand quickly if you do not take the time to trim them on a regular basis, so it makes sense to get some plant clippers and do some trimming from time to time. 

Choose Plants with Wind Resistance in Mind

The wind is the biggest culprit for damage to your home when a storm hits, so it is important that you pick out new plants with this in mind. Green Ash Tree, Crape Myrtle, and Zelkova Serrata trees are just a few variations that can tolerate heavy winds, making your home safer in a storm.

Reducing the risk of storm damage to your home can be much easier if you first focus on the landscaping. With a few alterations and conscious choices of plants, you can make your home more protected in the event of a tropical storm. For more information or for professional advice, contact a company like ScenicView Landscapes.