Creative Ways to Landscape with Weed Control as Your Main Priority

Keeping your yard in the best shape can be a challenge if you live in a climate where weeds grow rampant due to the warmer weather or increased moisture from frequent precipitation. If you're concerned with how to control the weeds while designing your backyard with the help of a landscaping  contractor, or alone, you'll need to look into the best options.

Rather than rely on harsh herbicides that can harm wildlife and your existing vegetation, take the time to consider the following.

Carefully Lay Down Your Foundation

Whether you intend on getting a garden set up with planters or you're in the process of getting a patio put in, it's important that you pay close attention to the foundation you'll be using. In many cases, the foundation is responsible for stopping weeds from ever becoming an issue.

As you lay down the foundation, it's recommended to take the time to look into what additional steps you can make to stop weeds. One good solution is to lay down a sort of fabric sheet that prevents weeds from popping through and taking over your yard.

Select the Ideal Mulch for Your Garden

Mulch is responsible for adding some ground cover between the different elements in your yard, while making it harder for weeds to get a hold in the landscaping. In order for you to be satisfied with your selection of mulch, it's a good idea to look into what the options are. Shredded bark, straw, and glass clippings are a few examples of economical mulches that can be effective for weed control.

Look into Organic Herbicides

If weeds have already become an issue in your yard, you'll likely be looking into using some type of herbicide soon. While practically any store-bought product could work, many are harmful to plants and visiting wildlife. Organic herbicides are generally much safer and still effective at controlling weed growth.

Include More Paving to Reduce Weeds

Paving is one of the best options for giving your yard a finished look, while also making weeds less of an issue. Your options for paving varies from individual stone slabs to fully poured concrete and more, giving you variety for your yard.

Taking the time to consider how to combat weeds in your yard can make all the difference in how much you enjoy the finished project. Landscaping with weed control in mind will help cut down time that you spend gardening and ensure that  you'll be able to enjoy your yard in the years to come. For assistance, talk to a professional like 5 Star Lawnscaping.