Four Reasons To Have Your Tree Stump Removed

Leaving a tree stump in your yard can be a bad idea; it's usually best to remove it as soon as possible. Often people will cut down a small tree but not remove the stump because it seems too big of a job, or sometimes a worker is hired to cut down a tree, but is not instructed to remove the stump along with it. Whatever the case, you may want to consider having your tree stump removed. The following are four reasons to have this done in the near future.

It eliminates a liability issue.

Having a stump in your yard can be a liability issue. You may find it hard to believe that anyone is ever going to hurt themselves falling over a tree stump until it happens. Even if you seldom have children or guests over to your home, it only takes one accident and there can be a claim on your homeowners policy.

The tree may not be dead.

It is not uncommon for a tree to still be alive after it has been cut down. Sometimes this can be seen with small sprouts coming out of the top or the sides of the tree stump. If the reason you cut the tree down was due to roots growing into your main-line drain pipe, then you will likely still have this problem. The roots underneath the ground can continue to grow and cause you main-line drain stoppage problems.

Landscaping can become an issue

A tree stump will slowly decay and can attract an assortment of insects as well as produce mushrooms that will turn the stump into an eyesore. In time, some of the stump will wear away, and if the stump is low to the ground, grass may eventually grow over it. But this can still be a problem when you attempt to cut the grass. You might forget about the stump and wreck your lawn mower blades, or your lawn maintenance crews can damage their mowing equipment if they are not aware of where the stump is.

Aesthetic reasons

As long as you are not planning to sell your home, a tree stump in your yard may not bother you aesthetically. However, if you do try to sell your home in the future, a buyer may look at the stump and want to remove it. You don't want potential buyers thinking about costs associated with buying your home shortly after the purchase. It could hurt your ability to sell your home in a tight market.

You can avoid all of the problems with tree stumps by having the stump removed at the same time a tree is cut down. If you have a tree in your yard that is already cut down, a professional tree service company can completely remove the stump for you. Consider getting in touch with Affordable Cuts for more information.