Four Tips To Help You Add Natural Filtration For Swimming And Irrigation Ponds

If you want to have a natural recreation area for your home, a pond can be great solution. It can also be a great way to provide irrigation for landscaping, gardens and fields if you have a large property. Ponds also need care and filtration to keep them clean and healthy. Here are some tips to help you give your pond natural filtration and a healthy balance for the water:

1. Installation Of Pond Skimmers To Keep Debris Under Control

Ponds can get a lot of debris and insects in them, and if they are near your home or used for swimming, you will want to keep these problems under control. Just like the skimmers that you have installed in a pool, there are also pond skimmers that can be used to remove debris. These are larger than pool skimmers. They also have a filter that you can remove and clean regularly to keep your pond clean. 

2. Adding Plants To A Filtration Area To Filter Water

It is also important to consider a healthy combination of plants to filter the water in your pond. You will want a combination of grasses and aquatic plants to help filter the water. If you are also going to use the pond for swimming, you may want to do this in a shallow area that is separate from the main swimming area of the pond.

3. Using Pumps To Give Pond A Steady Current Of Water

Another thing that will help to keep your pond clean is a steady flow of water. The water in your pond needs to have a current, which is provided by a pond pump. This will help to prevent problems like algae blooms and cloudy water. If your pond is fed by a stream or spring, a ram pump can be a great solution to have a consistent current of water without using any energy.

4. Caring For Filtering Plants To Keep A Pond Clean

Some of the plants that you choose for filtering the water, can also make it dirty or overtake the pond. Plants like aquatic grasses will need to be cut when they are in bloom. This will prevent seeds from dropping in the bottom of the pond and creating new growth. You will also want to do this to any other aquatic plants that are invasive by nature. It is especially important to do this if your pond is also going to be used for swimming.

These are some things that you can do to improve the filtration of your pond, whether it is a swimming pond or for irrigation purposes. If you need help with the construction of your pond, contact a landscaping design contractor to help design a natural looking pond that blends into the landscape.

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