3 Things To Do With The Timber After Tree Removal Is Done

If you have large and dangerous trees around your home, you may need to have them cut down. Tree services will sometimes remove the materials that are left behind, but this can also cost you more to have done. Keeping the timber can save you money and give you materials that you can use for different things around your home.  If it is good wood, you can just use it for firewood, or you can cut it into lumber, chip limbs for landscape covering and for compost. Here are some things that you may want to do with the leftovers from your tree removal:

1. Cutting The Leftovers Into Firewood For Winter Heating

If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, the leftovers from a tree removal can be a great source of firewood. You can cut the trunk up into manageable pieces and split it. Good firewood needs to be seasoned for months to dry it out so it burns better.  You can split it and leave it in piles to begin this process. When stacking it, put the greenest material on the bottom and the material you split first on top.  In addition, do not try to stack it tightly, because it is better to have air circulating around the wood for it to dry better.

2. Chipping Leaves And Small Limbs To Make Composting Materials For The Garden

When you have a tree removed, there may also be a lot of small branches and leaves. Smaller materials can be great to use in a compost pile. Remove all the small branches and shred them in a wood chipper. Put the material into a compost bin or pile. To help with the composting process, add used coffee grinds to the material and other organic trash like eggshells, vegetable peelings and food waste.

3. Using Large Limbs To Create Woodchips For Landscaping Ground Cover materials

Larger limbs may be too big to use in a compost pile, but they can be great to make wood chips for ground covering. If you removed the small limbs and leaves for the compost, the leftover branches can be perfect for this. You may want to treat the ground before and after you apply the wood chips to prevent problems with insects and weeds.

If you need to have trees removed from your property, contact a tree removal service to get the job done. Then keep these methods in mind for putting the leftovers to good use.