Tips To Make Your Concrete Paver Patio Unique

Let's face it, concrete patio pavers may come in a lot of shapes and sizes, but they aren't especially unique. If you are looking for something to jazz up your boring paver patio or just want to add a few personal touches, your installer will gladly work with you to incorporate a design or handmade pavers that make your patio your own.

Using DIY Pavers

First, you need determine what kind of personal pavers you want to include in your design. You may simply want a few family-made artistic blocks here and there, or you may want to design a logo or art piece to be added. It's best to let a professional help you determine the size, shape and placement of whatever individual components you want to include. For example, putting a circular design into the middle of a patio made with square pavers may not produce the effect you were hoping for.

Think of Resale Value

It's tempting to include blocks with our children's handprints, names and ages, but getting too personal may cause problems when it comes time to sell. Try to stick to designs that are neutral, yet appealing[,] so that you don't have to chip out and replace them before you move. Save the extremely personal designs for stepping stones in pathways and other areas where they can be easily removed and replaced.

Involving Family and Friends

Since family and friends are the ones that are going to be using your patio the most, it's always fun to get them in on the act. It may be fun one day to look back and remember those who were in your life when your patio first came to be.

A Few Design Ideas

Depending on how artistic you are, there are a great many lovely designs that can be accomplished by adults and children.

  • Mosaics - These are great for children and adults. You can use glass pebbles and stones easily found in craft stores or use broken pottery pieces. Lay out a design of flowers, leaves, stars, a butterfly, or something equally pleasing. You may have to help smaller children place the pieces. A cute idea is to use stones to make little footprints pressed right into the concrete. Be sure all the rough edges are filed down, because bare feet may be traipsing across the patio, and you don't want anyone hurt.
  • Leaf Pressings - Gather some beautifully shaped leaves and press them into the concrete to leave a design that brings nature to your patio. Use one large leaf that takes up the entire block or many smaller leaves in a random pattern that looks like they fell into the wet concrete quite by accident.
  • Pressed Designs - There are so many things you can use to press a design into your handmade concrete paver. Use cookie cutters, wood-cuts or even tree bark. A favorite is to press an open-design door mat into a block and place it right outside the patio door instead of a real door mat.
  • Words and Quotes - Use a stick to hand-write favorite words and quotes into your handmade paver. A fun way to do this is to make smaller pavers, each with a word to a quote, so visitors have to follow a path to read it.

There are myriad creative ideas for personalizing your patio. A concrete paver installation professional will be happy to work with you to come up with a plan that incorporates your handmade designs and makes your outdoor space as unique as you are. Contact a company like Sterling Landscape to get started.