The Dangers To Trying To Trim Or Remove Trees On Your Own

If you have trees in your yard that you want to get rid of, you might think this is a DIY project that you can tackle on your own. Tree trimming and disposal might not be a simple as you think. If you don't know what the risks are, you might put yourself and your family in danger. Here are three reasons calling in a professional when it comes to tree trimming and removal is a good idea.

1. Trees that Share Space with Neighbors

If there is a tree that is bordering your neighbor's property, maintenance might be an issue depending on how much your neighbor's want to be involved. If there is a tree that is significantly overgrown or dying, having the tree taken care of is a must. This should be tackled by a professional so that you don't inadvertently damage your neighbor's home or possibly do work without the right permits. Doing this type of work yourself might lead to limbs falling into your neighbor's yard or pulling up root structures that have grown on to their property.

2. Tree Roots Entangled In Plumbing

If you are hoping to remove a tree or a part of its root structure, you might find that this has gotten entangled with pipes below. If you discover that roots are wrapped around pipes, it is a good idea to call in a tree removal specialist that can take a look and assess what needs to be done. They can tackle the removal safely, and can give recommendations if a plumber is needed as well for follow-up work.

3. Tree Limbs Touching Electrical Wires

By far the best time to call in a professional tree trimmer is if your tree is touching or interfering with electrical wires. It isn't worth putting yourself in danger if there electrical wires that might be damaged from an overgrown tree or could fall during removal. A tree trimmer should come and take a look at what needs to be done if there are any electrical risks. Calling in the power company might be in order, and work might be halted until wiring can be assessed or fixed.

If any of these scenarios might be interfering with taking down or trimming a tree in your yard, it is a good idea to stop what you are doing. Minor tree trimming is something that homeowners can tackle, but if a job suddenly becomes more than just a simple trim you need to bring in professionals, like the ones at Desert Gardens Outdoor Services, Inc.