4 Ways To Get Your Children Involved With Landscaping This Spring

If you're interested in a new way to get your children to spend more time outdoors with the weather warming up, there's no better way than getting them involved with landscaping your yard. Getting your children involved in home improvement projects can help them feel valued and help their creativity grow. In order for you to begin landscaping projects together that are safe for them, consider the following ideas.

Assign Landscaping Chores for Extra Allowance

Depending on the age of your children, it may be tougher to get them interested in spending time outdoors working on the landscaping. If you want your older children to get interested in landscaping and gardening, it may be a good idea to try giving them extra allowance for yard work. These chores can include trimming shrubs, mowing the lawn, or simply watering the plants.

Plant a Kid-Friendly Garden Together

Growing a vegetable or herb garden can be a great way to welcome spring, but it can be tough to know where to start if you want your children involved. Making sure to pick plants that are non-toxic and choosing a space that's comfortable for them to spend time in, typically with minimal sunlight and stepping stones to kneel on, can help them enjoy the new garden even more.

Visit a Home and Garden Store to Pick Out New Plants

If your yard needs new plants, you may be at a loss of which ones to choose due to the variety of styles, sizes, and maintenance involved. Instead of rushing into choosing plants without much thought, get your children involved by bringing them along to the home and garden store. This way, you'll be able to get their opinion on different plants and give them the ability to pick out a few of their favorites for you to consider.

Attract Local Wildlife with Fun Projects

Most children love animals, so it makes sense to look into landscaping projects that can help attract wildlife. Some good projects you can undertake together include building a birdhouse, installing a birdbath, or hanging squirrel feeders in the trees. Some other landscaping ideas for attracting wildlife include choosing plants that butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to.

With the numerous projects that your children can get involved with, it makes sense to include them when planning to undertake some new landscaping work this spring. By knowing which projects are safe for them to participate in and how to encourage their creativity, you'll be able to get started without any hesitation.