How Can Pressure Washing Services Help You Get Your Rental Home Ready?

Cleaning up your rental home can be a big job, especially if you need to remove years of grime and stains from the vinyl siding on the house. You can hire a cleanup crew, or you can have your house pressure washed to speed up the job. Pressure washing is one of the best methods for cleaning vinyl siding. Unlike wood, vinyl siding doesn't decay or fill up with insects once it's wet. It also doesn't warp or bend under the water's pressure. In addition, pressure washing also sanitizes and disinfects the house if it's contaminated with rodent pellets, black mold and other hazards. Here's what you need to know about pressure washing.

Do You Need a Water Source Turned on at the House?

If you haven't turned on the home's water, don't worry. Most pressure washers bring their own water sources if you don't have one in place. However, you can let the contractors know ahead of time just in case they need to install a water pump system on their pressure washing vehicle or equipment. 

You may need to prepare your home in other ways to get it ready for the residential pressure washing. For instance:

  • Remove any large obstacles from around the house. This includes old appliances, furnishings and vehicles that can hurt or hinder the contractors' job.
  • Cut or prune any overgrown trees and shrubs that can prick, strike or injure the contractors. You may be liable for any injuries that the contractors endure because of your negligence.
  • Leave special instructions about the cleaning in the mailbox or under a door mat. Email or call the contractors to let them know where to look for the instructions. Make sure that the instructions include information about any areas of the siding you don't want cleaned.

If you need to reschedule your services, contact the contractors at least three days ahead of time to warn them. Otherwise, the contractors will show up as scheduled.

What About the Inside of the Home?

If you have rodent and roach pellets in the home, pressure washing can remove them from your carpets and bare floors. The contractors can use a lighter pressure washing system to avoid damaging your foundation. However, if you have hardwood flooring or wood-based walls that can't be exposed to water, let the contractors know. In most cases, the pressure washers may offer other cleaning services to handle these types of jobs.

Always contact your pressure washing contractors for services a week or two ahead of when you want to rent out the home. It'll give the contractors time to examine the home and offer tips on what they can clean right away, or do later in the week.