Natural Solutions For Termite Control

Finding signs of termites in your home, such as wood that looks to be deteriorating and channels near your foundation, can often feel like a disaster. However, there are many ways to get rid of them for good. If you don't want to use chemicals, there are a variety of natural ways to kill the termites and keep them from returning.


One of the most common natural products used to control termite infestation is Borax. In fact, this is used for a lot of natural pest control options in the home. Borax is made from salt of the element boron, called sodium borate. It usually comes in powder form, though you can also find it in a liquid solution. It is effective at killing termites and by sprinkling the power around your home, will keep them from returning. Since it isn't toxic to pets or humans, it is great to have around the house. You should sprinkle it in areas where you find the termites, including all wood and cardboard areas around your home.

Essential Oils

There are also some botanical treatments in the forms of essential oils that will kill the termites invading your home. One of the best essential oils to try is orange oil, which includes a compound called d-limonene. This compound is deadly to termites that invade drywood and will kill them immediately on contact. You can also put drops around different drywood termite colonies around your home.

Another oil you can try is Asian neem oil. While it is a little more difficult to find, it is just as effective as orange oil. This oil acts more slowly than orange oil and needs to be applied directly to the wood. The termites will need to actually ingest the oil for it to kill them. Using a combination of these two oils will eradicate the termites.

Natural Predators

For people who don't mind having other pests around for a short period of time, biological controls will also work. This means you are using natural predators of termites to kill them off. Choose microscopic pests that are known to kill termites, such as worms. The worms can live in the soil so they aren't actually in your home. They will begin feeding on the termite larvae to kill them and keep them from coming back. The worms are harmless to you and your pets, and will usually remain in the soil.

Trim Your Trees

The trees in your home could also be attracting termites to your foundation. Start by trimming all the trees in your backyard. You need to trim the tree limbs that might be blocking sunlight from your yard. This lack of sunlight could attract termites toward your home. You want your home to dry out quickly, which is done by increasing sunlight after trimming the trees. If you have recently cut trees down, make sure you grind the tree stumps, as this is another hotbed for termites. To learn more about tree trimming services, contact Ironwood Earthcare