How A Sprinkler System Can Benefit Your Yard And Garden

One of the biggest joys of warm weather approaching is that you'll be able to enjoy the green grass in the yard and all of your plants and flowers in their glorious splendor. In order to maintain a gorgeous yard, you must take care of it. This often requires diligent care when it comes to feeding and watering. If you are unable to water your yard and plants, it will begin to show. Getting just the right amount of water is important for an optimal landscape. One way to achieve a lustrous yard is to have a sprinkler system installed.  Here are just a few of the benefits.

Time Saver

Depending on the size of your overall yard and landscaped areas, one of the biggest chores is pulling the hoses out and making sure each plant is watered completely and thoroughly at the root. Even with a hose, it can often be hard to reach certain areas of your yard to ensure that grass is watered to prevent brown spots. The best way to make sure that your grass keeps an even texture is to have a professional sprinkler system installed. Irrigation hoses are placed throughout your yard based on its slope and valleys. This ensures that water flows freely to every corner. These hoses can be connected to a timer, to make sure that your yard is watered once or twice daily as needed. This saves you the time and hassle of having to water your yard yourself.

Drought Protection For Vegetables

Having a sprinkler system incorporated into your vegetable garden helps provide nourishment to plant roots. It's important that a vegetable garden receive timely watering—especially during a drought. If you have a lot of money invested in your garden, having a sprinkler system on standby or a timed system in place, will help ensure that your garden is not affected by lack of rain water.

Timing Control For Your Flowers

Fragile flowering annuals and hardy perennials all need the same amount of TLC in the garden bed. Because there are a few different types of sprinkler systems, you may use more than one to meet all of your yard and garden needs. Here are some common types:

  • Drip system
  • Soaker hose
  • Spray
  • Rotor

The drip and soaker methods are slow soaking water hoses that target root systems without flooding the area. Spray hoses provide a spray of water and are more effective for hardy perennial plants and large grassy areas. Rotor systems are also designed to cover larger areas such as grass but distribute less water than a spray hose.

Helps Control Erosion Issues

If you currently have an issue with erosion or rock and soil being carried away after a heavy rain or water soak, a sprinkler system may be able to help control the problem. By creating a retaining wall of rock or pea gravel you can force water to travel down a path away from the yard and plants. Installing a sprinkler system around the plants that will slowly soak the roots will ensure water is not building up around the plant and contributing to root rot.

A professional landscape company will explain the exact cost of the project, routine maintenance and operation so that your new sprinkler system is tailored to your needs.