4 Ways To Decrease Water Waste With Your Lawn Sprinklers

Are you concerned that your lawn sprinklers may be wasting water? Not only is that bad for your water bill, but it's also bad for your lawn and bad for the environment. Before you end up with soggy grass (or huge utility payments), you may want to take action to decrease your overall water waste.

1. Set a Timer for Night

Nighttime is always the best time to water your yard, so set the timer to go off at night rather than during the day. During the day, a great deal of the water is actually simply dispersing into the air as it evaporates in the heat. 

2. Install Blocks

Are there any areas your sprinkler is hitting that don't need to be watered? Sprinklers may hit sidewalks or the side of your house if they haven't been properly blocked. As your sprinkler company to install blocks that will keep the sprinkler from extending beyond the grass. In this way, you can ensure you aren't wasting any water and you can eliminate a nuisance—no one wants to be sprayed while going down the street.

3. Look for Leaks

Leaks can be very costly, especially larger leaks. To detect leaks, look at the area in which your sprinkler is installed. If the grass around the sprinkler is significantly longer than your other grass, in a circle around the sprinkler, then it's very likely that your sprinkler is leaking. Don't try to fix this yourself, however; it's best that you call your sprinkler installation company to fix your lawn sprinklers. Otherwise, you could accidentally cause a major leak or flood in your yard.

4. Cap Any Unneeded Sprinklers

Look at your grass the next time you mow it (or just before you have it mowed) to determine whether there are any areas that seem to be growing faster than the others. If so, they are probably getting more water than they need. In areas in which this is very common, you may even want to cap your sprinkler. It's possible that either runoff or other sprinklers are already feeding the area.

With the above tips, you should be able to keep your grass green and your wallet full. Don't forget that your sprinkler installation company like Steeplechase can help you troubleshoot your system and find new ways to save your water. They may even be able to run an analysis of your yard to determine whether certain areas may be getting too much water (or not enough).